Explain the mechanisms used to identify and isolate genes.

This assignment is about: Principles of gene technology. the return date I would like for this assignment is the 15th of May at distinction level I will also attach the assignment brief for this assignment even though everything I took and inserted in the email came from the assignment brief
the numbered point below are the assignment criteria for the essay these are the area that should be explored in terms of gene technology, please DO NOT USE INFORMAL LANGUAGE (I US WE ) everything much be written non personally.
Referenced and cited with text Harvard style

AC 3.1: Explain the mechanisms used to identify and isolate genes

AC 3.2: Describe roles of enzymes in gene manipulations

AC 3.3: Describe the Polymerase Chain Reaction and Genetic Fingerprinting

AC 3.4: Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering, for example, in gene therapy, synthetic biology, transgenic organisms and cloning.(THIS SECTION NEEDS TO BE PERFECT WITH GOOD SOURCE OF REFERENCES AND STRONG EVALUATION POINTS) – one evaluation point I would like included is the unknown about long term effects of genetically modifying, edvidence need to be found to back this disadvantage up .

The assignment must be word processed and include a title, your name, and your group. Text font must be size 12.
The report should possess a logical and coherent structure that clearly explains the title of the report with examples and explanations.
The word count for the report is set at 1500 words + / – 10 %.
You are allowed to include relevant diagrams, figures and / or tables within your report, which must be appropriately cited (if required).
You must reference all the sources of information you used in your research and report writing. The references must be appropriately cited within the text.
You must follow UWE Harvard referencing style.
The final report must be your own work.

report should be structured in a logical way, using an excellent scientific writing style. In addition, it should incorporate specialist terms (keywords) strappropriately and effectively to demonstrate excellent understanding of the topic. You need to incorporate the following parts within your report structure: introduction, main and conclusion parts. Structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar needs to be of a high standard with minimal or no errors. The report must include a reference list at the end, using the Harvard referencing system accurately and appropriately. In addition, the references used should be cited appropriately and accurately within the report You need to include titles and citations for diagrams, tables or figures included within the text. You must include scientific publications in your research; ensure you cite and reference them appropriately. report must be well-structured and possess an easy-to-follow format for the reader. You may include diagrams, tables or figures, however they need to be relevant to your report or presentation and you need to refer to them in the text. The report should be appropriately structured and well written, incorporating accurate scientific facts, concepts and explanations in a logical and fluent order.

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