Explain how voodoo and history are related.

You will answer both questions.

1. Voodoo and History

You will explain how voodoo and history are related. Voodoo is a religion that not only is a product of history, but that uses also history in its rituals and other expressions, such as art. You can only use the course material to justify your arguments. 3 full pages minimum.

2. Family and Ethnicity

Using at least two distinct course readings, you will compare the place of family in the Spanish-speaking and the English-speaking Caribbean. That is, you will explain what the main similarities and the main differences are. 3 full pages minimum.

For this essay, you will use all the reading assignments we have used in class as well as class discussions.

No wikipedia.

YOU ALSO MUST READ THIS DOCUMENT before starting to work on your essay:

General guidelines:

You must:
1) Write clearly.
2) Mention your sources for each quote or argument or idea you make a reference to (name of the author, title of the book, page number, either in footnote or in parenthesis in the text). Quotes should not make more than 20% of the total length of your answer.
3) Support your answers with relevant arguments and examples from class materials.
4) Demonstrate critical reading, critical thinking, synthesized thinking (as I explain in class).

You should always answer questions as scholars. That means that you must be scientific, logical, methodical, explicit, didactic, and exhaustive. That means that you must:
-avoid general, vague statements
-avoid moral judgments and moralizing statements
-avoid emotional statements
-avoid colloquial expressions
-stay on target and avoid digressions (always keep the question(s) in mind).

You must demonstrate critical reading and critical thinking. If you assert something, you must back it up with evidences. You cannot write a merely descriptive, factual paper. You must construct and support arguments with relevant examples from all chosen texts. Your answer should be supported by arguments and clear, specific references (including page number). Also, you cannot hide behind quotations. Quotations can only illustrate your arguments.

Course Reading Material

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