drought in california research paper

Part I.Problem/Issue Essay (4 pages,double-spaced with bibliography)Requirement: Write an introduction/thesis paragraph, followed by a brief background/history on your topic and then launch into specifics about the political/policy problem you have chosen. You will need to include a bibliography of at least 6 sources (you will need at least an additional 6 sources for the �solutions� essay)Part IIPolicy Solutions/Proposals Essay (4 page)Requirements: Now that you have told me what the problem is in Part II, you will explain and describe and analyze the policy solutions that have been tried as well as describe any current proposals and the political fight taking place over that current fight. You will need at least 6 sources for this particular paper. You can turn this in as a standalone paper or weave it into your problem paper, but with the solutions portions clearly highlighted.Overall requirements:1) Research on web and library database sourcesa. You must have at least 12 (six) articles TOTAL cited in a properformat (APA, MLA or APSA)b. Wikipedia and source websites (like whitehouse.gov) although youcan cite them, will not be counted toward your six articlerequirement.c. Include a works cited section and provide in-text citations2) Develop understanding and fluency in the issues you are studying3) Understand course topics so you can connect your issues to the concepts inan analytical, critical way.4) It is okay to use �I� in your paper and take a position and defend it.5) Write a well-written, polished paper that is largely devoid of errors andexhibits good organization-> this is my outline of Drought in California that i must ANSWER!ProblemFrom a climate change perspectiveFrom a governmental perspective � who owns water rights? Who are the players (environmental, farmers, consumers, etc)Role of governor in all thisIs the distribution of water and our water policies fair? Consider senior water rights.SolutionIs the legislature or governor doing anything about it? What? Discuss some of the recent policies like Prop 1, prop 218.How do the various interest groups for the players mentioned above influence water policy?What do you think should happen and what would success on the issue look like from your perspective (ex: should we change our farming practices, or force rationing on consumers for example)

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