Discuss,Is EU Counter-terrorism policy effective?

Topic:Is EU Counter-terrorism policy effective?

I want the policy paper to be addressed to policy makers in Brussels

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
    • Importance of specific topic
    • Definition of key terms
    • Key stakeholders
    • Key policy areas needing analysis and resolution
  • Overview of current knowledge
    • Evaluative review of the literature about the topic, including print and electronic sources
  • Existing policy related to the topic
    • The most important legislative, judicial, and regulatory policy instruments
    • Ambiguities, conflicts, problems, and contradictions related to the instruments
  • Key issues
    • Underlying assumptions
    • Effects on and roles of key stakeholders
    • Conflicts among key values
    • Implications of issues
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    • Recommendations
    • Rationale for recommendations
    • Implications and possible outcomes of specific courses of action
  • References
    • Harvard style
    • All sources cited in the paper.

As you write policy, it is worth distinguishing the key points in your discussion from less important supporting ideas. Aim to give full weight to your key points by giving them each a sentence of their own. Elaborations and detail can be added in subsequent sentences

Instead of adding on clauses, introduce the next point in a new sentence. Connective words and phrases – however, consequently, but, so – can be placed at the start of the new sentence if necessary, to indicate its relationship to the previous one and make the work flow.

1 .The paper should be 3000 words excluding the references

  1. The reference list should NOT be less than 25
  2. The writer has to be UK writer
  3. The paper should be plagiarism free as it will go through turnitin before submission
  4. The writer should be have clear expertise and knowledge in that field- The paper will go through 4 proofreading.
  5. No mistakes at all in terms of the structure of the paper.
  6. The paper should be of high quality

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