Discuss how this could affect their industries.

The Council of Industry Activists
Ennie Old Road

16th February 2016

Dear Sir/Madam

The Council of Industry Activists (CIA) has been asked by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to collect reports from its corporate members regarding recent unfortunate events and, critically, their responses to them. The CIA recognizes the growing influences of regional and international regulation upon companies, whether direct in the form of legislation or in the form of less traditional methods of regulation as well as other influences.

With these in mind, we are asking for reports from company members of the Council outlining their responses to recent scandals which have befallen them. In light of them we are interested in also receiving their views on the weaknesses of current regulatory approaches and the future shape and form of regulation and how this could affect their industries. This is with the aim of preventing repeats of these harmful yet avoidable instances which might otherwise undermine the reputations, and even influence the futures, of those industries as a whole.

Reports must be a maximum of 4,000 words, and your terms of reference are to cover the following issues:

1.Outline the basic structure of the industry, major environmental impacts of that industry and the most pressing environmental concerns for it in the future (max 1000 words)

2. The regulation of your industry, including a critical analysis of:
i) The main regulatory arrangements for your industry as a whole, given its structure, market (global, regional, national might be considered), products and consumers; and
ii) The regulatory response to a recent scandal or event affecting your industry.

Responses to Part 2 must consider the level or levels at which regulation is or would be most effective, the nature of that regulation and its impacts on sustainable development or human rights.

In preparing your report, you need to give appropriate thought to the following: the structure of your report, the needs of your reader, and the clarity of your arguments.

Please ensure your reports are submitted by 4pm Tuesday 17th May 2016. All sources must be appropriately referenced.

Yours faithfully,

Christos Kyriakou

Additional Instructions:
Your task is to select ONE company and from the list provided (all companies are UK-based), and respond to the call from the CIA:
a)Voldemorts Motors (car manufacturer) : Recently discovered to have cheated on emissions tests for the vehicles it produces.
b)Mordor Reserves (oil company) : Recently suffered an onshore oil spill in southern England at one of its sites.
c)Arthur Daley Airlines (airline) : Recently revealed to recycle none (0%) of the waste collected from passengers from flights landing at UK airports.

d)Medusa Aluminium: Recently revealed to have employees suffering from poisoning due to exposure to hazardous materials in its plants.

Focus in each instance should be on the specific scenario rather than the industry as a whole.

The maximum length of the coursework should be 4,000 words (the word count should include all text other than footnotes and bibliography). Students are referred to the examination handbooks, in particular the relevant Guidelines on the Presentation and Submission of Assessed Coursework, available on blackboard, for further information on presentation, content, submission dates, plagiarism and collusion.

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