Analyze the tale through a particular critical lens.

A research paper is not another type of essay, but rather a combination of expository, persuasive, analytic writing supported by extensive research. Your final paper should include all of these elements. Please review the following:

Expository: Expository writing makes an assertion (a statement). It supplies facts and details which support this assertion and at the end comes to a solid conclusion about the information provided.

Argument/Persuasion: The aim of this type of writing is to win acceptance of your ideas and to convince your reader to share in your point of view by adopting your position, opinion, belief, etc.

Critical Analysis: This is a broad term for the many different ways readers or thinkers examine a text, topic, theme, issue, etc. The purpose of writing in this mode is to share a critical evaluation, examination, exploration by taking a particular position, which should be concisely stated in your thesis (or central argument) statement and developed and supported with details. The aim is to illustrate a deep understanding of the subject or topic and to attempt to get your reader to view your perspective as valid.


Choose a tale (fairy tale or folk tale) that we did not study in class no variation from the Little Red Riding grouping allowed.
Research the author/collector, the time period in which it was written/recorded, and the culture from which it originated. The author/collector MAY be one studied in class during the semester.
Choose a critical lens through which you will analyze the tale.
Write a well developed, intelligent paper that explains the tale to your reader, gives some historical background / cultural information in relation to the tale, and analyze the tale through a particular critical lens i.e. discusses the tale from a specific perspective and provides supporting textual and research evidence consistently throughout the paper.
Be concise, but detailed in your writing. Remember to use textual evidence in addition to your sources.
Approx. 2000 words

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