Explain,why Can’t the Misfit Tolerate the Grandmother’s Touch?

Texts needed: Read Flannery O’Connor’s, “Misfit and the Mystery of Evil” & “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Part 1:
Discussion board response: According to John Desmond, why can’t the Misfit tolerate the Grandmother’s touch? What do you think about his idea? Do you think there is textual evidence to support or weaken his argument? Why Can’t the Misfit Tolerate the Grandmother’s Touch?
Part 2:
Summarize Bandy’s critical essay. Do you agree with his assessment of the Grandmother’s character? Why or why not? Cite specific textual evidence to back up your argument and post your response to discussion board. You should use one of the “moves” from “They Say / I Say” in order to create your response. Please follow the instructions found on the attached assignment sheet, and upload your work as a Word document.

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