Explain,what are some of the issues that need to be addressed in the future?

Select a health topic related to your internship experience and write a literature review no more than 6 pages (excluding title page, abstract and references). The literature review should have the following sections:
(1)ABSTRACT (on a separate page): The abstract must model your research paper. Should not be over 250 words.Provide Key Words that describe your research paper
(2)INTRODUCTION: The introduction to a scientific paper should succinctly identify the topic, the community, some background about the community health research problem or issue; (e.g., epidemiology-statistics), the research question, , the importance of the question, your approach to the question (review of the literature plus internship observations/experience), and your answer to the question (tentative thesis statement) and your thesis statement. The goal of the introduction is to convince the reader that you have a valid answer to an important (how or why) question.

Some exceptions for this class
You are not required to state hypothesis
Your introduction should not have any quotations.
Include at least 2 different citations to support the information presented

(2)METHODS (1/2 page)
i.For this section, describe what databases you searched, what keywords you used, and the limits that you set to select articles for the literature review (years, peer-reviewed articles etc.) Should explain how you chose topic and research question, how data was collected – evaluated and interpreted (gave meaning to data)

(3)LITERATURE REVIEW (3-3.5 pages)
ii.Synthesize the evidence presented by the studies as a whole.
iii.Look up the themes or main ideas from your outline and elaborate on theme be sure to use multiple citations to support each theme/idea.
iv.Do not use any quotations in this section. I want you to paraphrase instead.

(4)DISCUSSION (1/2 page)
i.Do not restate your literature review
ii.Are there any messages that emerge from your literature review?
iii.What are some of the issues that need to be addressed in the future (these are not your opinions, but instead those that emerge from your research & experience and are hence informed or evidence based suggestions)

(5)CONCLUSION (1/4 page)
i.Do not restate your discussion here. Instead, what would you conclude on the topic?
ii.What are the policy implications?

(6)REFERENCES (minimum of 10 peer reviewed journals/articles: relevant and reliable sources between 5-10 years and study should be in the U.S.to obtain data/statistical information on specific topic areas of your paper)
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Lit Review:
This section of your paper should present findings based on your literature review. This is also where you will integrate the findings with the observations from your internship.
This section provides overview of relevant research (related to your research question). Its goal is to provide a scholarly context for your research question, and explain how your own literature review research fits into that context. A literature review is not merely a summary of the sources youve found for your paperit should synthesize the information gathered from those sources in order to demonstrate that you have a grasp of the larger conversation on your topic, and what work still needs to be done.
When synthesizing the information (ideas and data presented in the journal articles), try to organize/group the literature by patterns or similarities. Patterns might include journal articles based on similar community groups studied, similar samples (age, gender, ethnicity, SES, severity of disease etc.) similar research questions, similar concepts and theories, similar or different results, and similar themes.
Acknowledging Alternative/Competing/ Views: The Difference It Makes
By describing alternative or competing views in the literature review and the results, essentially, youve turned against your (tentative thesis). Youve acknowledged other possible interpretations of your results, and admitted limitations of your literature review. By going through this process your (original thesis) argument will be more convincing since youve described potential objections to your claims in the literature review, and addressed them directly in the discussion section.
In each paragraph of the paper, and in the literature review as a whole, unity and coherence demonstrate forethought, discipline, active reading and clear and critical thinking about the argument youre making in the writing. All work together. Reiterate your journal article selection criteria that you described in the method sectionwhy you chose the sources/articles included in your literature review. The literature review should only refer to work that relates to your particular research question and thesis statement.

The discussion section of a paper should interpret the meaning of your findings. First, briefly remind your reader of your research question and key results by writing a short statement that restates these points. Then explain the results themselves. Discuss how they fit your thesis statement, and whether they are consistent with the results of studies in your literature review. Did you encounter anything surprising or idiosyncratic? If so, why is it significant? What might have caused it? Build on the research question you posed in the introduction, and the context you established in the literature review. Make a case for the meaning and significance of your findings, and support your case by connecting it to related research.

The conclusion is a good place to make bold speculations about the implications of your results and discussion. You should discuss the significance of your research for future research, public policy, personal decision-making, or other spheres of influence somewhere in your paper. Think about how you could benefit from the distancing effect of putting these implications in a separate conclusion.

The conclusion should not repeat your discussion section. The conclusion then reaches beyond the suggestions you made in the body of the paper to emphasize the importance of these results, and their potential consequences.

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