Explain concerns associated with using wireless networks.

Wireless networking is becoming more and more prevalent as the protocol advancements improve over time. They have become an important facet of today’s networks. Throughout the world, most countries, cities, and hotel rooms have wireless networking for travelers. Most universities and homes also have wireless connectivity. One can go to their local hamburger fast-food restaurant or their favorite coffee shop and access wi-fi. Devices such as the new tablet personal computers assume an Internet connection in their design. More and more televisions are including wireless capability. The ability to configure wireless connection devices is a necessary skill for all entry-level network administrators.
Prepare a Word document of 3-5 body pages that addresses the following:
• Describe your observations and thoughts about the similarities and differences between Ethernet and wireless technologies.
• Summarize the steps necessary to set up a wireless network.
• Discuss challenges one might experience when using wireless. Share any personal experiences when using wireless in your home, at school, or in a coffee shop.
• Explain concerns associated with using wireless networks.

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