The Roles of a Forensnic Psychologist Essay

The Roles of a Forensic Psychologist EssayUnit 4 Seminar Alternative AssignmentWhat are some possible scenarios in which morality and legality might come in conflict?   In order to answer that question I think that we need to first look at what morality and legality are.   Morality as defined by Professor Cooper during the unit 4 seminar, is the conformity to ideals of right human conduct (2012). Legality is the, “attachment to or observance of law” (Merriam, 2012). Many issues can cause ones morals to come is conflict with the law.For example: Jane Doe becomes pregnant and due to her circumstances she makes the decision to have an abortion. While abortion is legal there are those that think that it is morally wrong.   Another example would be that of medically assisted suicides.   Let’s say that I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was at the end stage where I was in a numerous amount of pain.I would want the choice of having a doctor assist me in leaving this world peacefully rather than lying around in pain. Although we may think that allowing someone to aid me in my death would be morally right because I was suffering from a debilitating disease, it is illegal.   These are just a two examples of how ones morals may come in conflict with the law.   There are, however; several more.What are some ethical dilemmas in the criminal justice system?Some ethical dilemmas within the criminal justice system are the rights of the individuals versing the rights of the common good.   An example of this would be smoking in public places.   This becomes an ethical dilemma because although is it legal for individuals over the age of 18 years of age to smoke, non-smokers want to free from the effects of second hand smoke.

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