Acid Rain in Washington State

Final Project: Acid Rain in Washington StateAcid RainWhat is acid rain? Acid rain is rainfall or precipitation made acidic by pollution that is in the air or the atmosphere. It mostly does harm to forest and bodies of water in the form of lakes, and is often caused by the release of fossil fuels or gases that are made of sulfurs and nitrogen oxides. It may or may not be found or have effects on certain parts of our country. There are areas in Washington State that are more susceptible to acid rain due to environmental threat of air pollution.Let’s take a look at a residential area. I live in Olympia, WA. On a warm day where there has not been much rain you will still find that although the soil looks fairly dry, beneath the surface the soil is still fairly moist. In the community of Lacey there are no facilities that emit sulfurs or nitrogen oxides in the air in the immediate area. To conduct an evaluation on if there was any acid rain that could or has affected the soil in our community, I conducted a small experiment with two cups of soil that had been watered into a mud like texture, vinegar, and baking soda. Cup A was used for adding vinegar and cup B was used for adding baking soda. In cup A, if the vinegar began to fizz it would mean that the soil is alkaline based and if there was a reaction in cup B it would mean that the soil is acidic. The soil would be neutral if there is no reaction at all.Once the experiment was conducted my findings were that the soil in our community is slightly acidic. This conclusion was drawn based on the finding that there was no reaction when the vinegar was added to cup A and a minimal reaction when the baking soda was added to cup B. In cup B, the soil began to slightly fizz and mix in the center of the baking soda and continued to do so in other parts of the cup as well. There was no reaction in cup A.

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