Explain,what is the main question this case poses?

You can work on this assignment by yourself or a team of two people. The assignment is based on the Harvard Business School case, Managing with Analytics at Proctor & Gamble. You need to purchase the case with a discount price ($3.95) from https://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cbmp/access/48335991.

Each question should be answered in half a page with single-space, 12-point font (6×0.5=3 pages).

Q1: About Filippo Passerini, what are his three (3) strengths and one (1) weaknesses, knowing his career background?

Q2: What is the main question this case poses? What is your answers to the main question?

Q3: What is embedded IDS analyst in the case? How different do you think business analysts (BAs), systems analysts (SAs), and analysts like embedded IDS analysts? In the next ten years, how do you think those differences will change?

Q4: What are key characteristics of the laundry detergent market in the North America? Based on these characteristics, what are key challenges for the embedded IDS analysts?

Q5: What are five (5) aspects of P&Gs analytics that you would share with business and IT managers at other firms?

Q6: What are three (3) key lessons CIOs should take away from this case?

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