Explain,what do you think the outcome of this experiment will be?

Please choose one of the questions below, and answer it. Do not submit answers to both questions! We will only grade one of them! If you are citing any literature, make sure to properly refer to it.
Question 1: If you are to conduct a linguistic or sociolinguistic experiment, what would you want study? Please state exact question of the research, means you are going to use to do the study, and what you expect to find. Please be very specific with your description of the experiment. How are you going to collect the data? Who are the subjects of your proposed experiment and where are you going to conduct it? Why is this experiment interesting/important? What do you think the outcome of this experiment will be?

Question 2: If you could make a movie on a language-related topic that would be viewed by every single American, what topic would you choose? Please explain what information you would try to convey in the video, why you chose that topic over all others, and what changes you hope it would make in society for everyone to become more informed about that topic.

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