Explain,what causes the problem? Time, creep, shrinkage

Title: Long term behavior reinforce concrete tall building

  • global issue + big picture (public issue)

Due to the population growth, many counties starting to investigate and construct tall building.  However, Civil engineer are concern about the safety of the building.

  • why concern about this issue can cause building collapse, building collapse may cause humans death
  • When engineer start using reinforce concrete and built tall build ? Use Historical support, talk briefly not too detail
  • When people realizing the problem ?
  • what is the problem now?

1 ) (Concrete shortening) Vertical shortening in a typical concrete framed tall building

  • what cause the problem? Time, creep, shrinkage

1) axial strain, shrinkage construction sequence, loading sequence, time dependent effect, differential shortening & shortening in a single height.

  • In this project aim & objective

To investigate the tall building column shortening

Carry out the test with creep coefficient VS time

Carry out the test with shrinkage VS time

Carry out the test shortening VS time

Investigate how creep and shrinkage affect tall building column

Understand the effect of creep and shrinkage

  • brief information on how to perform
  • what will suppose to be determined?

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