Explain,how would you handle or address a situation where a staff member or coach was not adhering to the university and athletic department established core values?

Minimum of 150 words per question.
Topic Exercise 2: Mission, Vision, and Core Values in Intercollegiate Athletics
For this topic exercise, you will need to read the following articles:
– Collins, J. C., & Porras, J. I. (1996, September/October). Building your companys vision. Harvard Business Review, 74(5), 65-77.
– Cooper, C., & Weight, E. (2011). Investigating NCAA administrator values in NCAA Division I athletic departments. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 4(1), 74-89.
– Cooper, C., & Weight, E. (2012). Maximizing organizational effectiveness: NCAA Division III administrator core values and departmental culturization. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 5(1), 339-353.
– Hutchinson, M., & Bennett, G. (2012). Core values brand building in sport: Stakeholder attitudes towards intercollegiate athletics and university brand congruency. Sport Management Review, 15(4), 434-447.
These articles will allow you to answer the following questions:
1. According to Building Your Company’s Vision by Collins and Porras (1996), what is the difference between the mission of an organization, the vision of an organization, and the core values of an organization? Specific to the university setting, how do universities and athletic departments maintain the interpretations of core values amongst employee and administrative turnover?
2. According to Investigating NCAA Administrator Values in NCAA Division I Athletic Departments by Copper and Weight (2011), what do administrators value most highly within their sport programs? Are there variations in the program values when focusing on the divisional affiliation (Football Bowl Series FBS, Football Championship Subdivision FCS) of the institutions?
3. In considering Maximizing Organizational Effectiveness: NCAA Division III Administrator Core Values and Departmental Culturization by Cooper and Weight (2012), should the mission, vision, and core values of Division I athletic departments be different that Division III athletic departments? Explain.
4. Read Core Values Brand Building in Sport: Stakeholder Attitudes Towards Intercollegiate Athletics and University Brand Congruency by Hutchinson and Bennett (2012). Assuming you are an athletic administrator, how would you handle or address a situation where a staff member or coach was not adhering to the university and athletic department established core values?

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