Explain how a hospitality or tourism organization could use that distribution channel to reach a target market.

Prepare an APA formatted paper summarizing the efficacy of various distribution channels within the tourism and hospitality industries. Offering a minimum of three examples of DC’s (distribution channels), express the advantages and disadvantages of each. This paper should express not only your understanding of what a distribution channel is, but also how marketers and organizations use their choices of distribution channels to reach the target markets that will most likely use their products and explain why those distribution channels prove to be the best choices. In your assignment, when discussing your minimum three distribution channels, not only offer the advantages and disadvantages, but also provide examples and/or theory of how a hospitality or tourism organization could use that distribution channel to reach a target market. Personal experience is referable, however, a minimum three scholarly references are required. You can use the book “Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism” by Philip R. Kotler; John T. Bowen; Ph.D., James Makens, also. Please take this very seriously, and make it comprehensive and strong-detailed. Make it very specific, and pay close attention to the format as well as every other thing, like the structure and grammar, spelling, and the style of the statements. Please make your writing clear and detailed, not general or vague. When quoting someone use proper citations. Make the answers express a comprehensive view. Be very clear and specific. Make full answers, and describe all your answers on point.
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