Discuss two different strategic option available to the organization to address the identified strategic issue.

You are required to submit a strategic management report focusing on ONE organization and addressing ONE to THREE major strategic management issues faced by that organization. In the report you should address the following: (i) perform a strategic analysis to identify and explore ONE to THREE major strategic issues faced by your organization; (ii) identify and critically evaluate different strategic options available to the organization for addressing the issues you have identified; (iii) explain how you would implement the identified strategic options, reflecting on any potential barriers and challenges the organization may face. Your report should draw upon relevant strategic management concepts, theories and frameworks, and be supported with evidence.
Your selected organization may be a for profit company, for example it may be a multinational corporation or an SME, conversely it may be a non-profit charity, a social enterprise, or even a public sector organization. Your chosen organization should be one which you either know well e.g. you have previously worked for that organization, and/or one for which there is significant secondary material available in the public domain e.g. online through a company website, reports to shareholders and stakeholders, wider news reports etc. You are NOT expected to collect primary data for this assignment. Your report should focus on a contemporary organization and its current strategic issues. It SHOULD NOT be a historical analysis of an organization, the issues it faced and how these were resolved. Strategic issues are identified by using frameworks, concepts and theories of business strategy from external environment analysis, internal analysis (RBV), organizational analysis, corporate, business unit and international perspectives. Issues are considered strategic if solving/ or not solving them impacts on the competitive advantage, performance and wider survival of the organization.

Your report should be structured as follows:
1. Introduction
2.Stategic Analysis
2.1 external environment
2.2 internal resource and capabilities
2.3 purpose and stakeholder
3. strategy development and options
two different strategic option available to the organization to address the identified strategic issue. Critically evaluate the pro and cons of the different strategic options.
4. Strategic recommendation and Implementation
Important: Use relevant strategic management concepts theories and framework and evidence to support your analysis.

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