Discuss how to prevent such next disasters.

Failure of Regulatory Policy


It was in the morning On April 16th, Korea’s biggest passenger ship sank with four hundred seventy- five people who consisted of students and other. However, the ship of captain and other worker just escaped from ship without any rescue and emergency orders. The result was disaster because more than half of people died and disappearance into the cold sea. This accident is still issued in Korea, some people said government have to make a special law of Sewol ferry for prevent another accident from a slap on the wrist and some firms must observe regulation law. Because this affair give much shock to nations, people think that it should be best example of government’s weakness of regulation law and strength of corruption. The reason is that the president, Byeon-Eon Yoo, of ferry firm, Chonghaejin Marine Co., Ltd., broke the some law which is about safety tests for money laundering, and repeated corruption and illegal acts for gaining wealth. Thus, it means that government has problems of regulation policy and non- incrementalism for alternatives. There are government need to improve incrementalism, competitive policy, and protective regulatory policy with case study.



  • Incrementalism
  • Competitive Policy
  • Protective Regulatory Policy


Definition of Concepts

  • Incrementalism

A model of decision making by process of problem solving which is same as feedback, so incremental stops when policy makers learn from their successes and failures.


  • Competitive Regulatory Policy

Competitive regulatory policy is that government assigns rights of provision good and services to business and individual, and limit to their economic activities with special artifice of regulation.


  • Protective Regulatory Policy

-This type of policy is that seeks how to protect the public interests from market problems.

Explanation of Concepts

  • Incrementalism

In social plan, society not only concern most ideal thing possibly, but also have to try to accept most appropriate procedure which is occurred by compromise and mutual agreement with political and pluralist impact. Therefore, planners have to research various channel, and establish steps which consist of negotiation, compromise, and satisfying for achieve goal.

  • Competitive Regulatory Policy

Competitive regulatory policy (= CRP) is made without public examination at the state level, and the most active participants tend to be at the legislative committee and trade group levels. Therefore, it should be low visibility, so this type of policy provokes little public notice.

  • Protective Regulatory Policy

It is intended to protect impact of negative private activity, such as use leftover food, dangerous products, environment pollution, and deceit of business. Although most businesses do not want to lost customers, they need to make profit from customers’ wallets by their motivation of business. Therefore, they need to resist regulation on cost grounds sometimes, but government regulates for protect public interest; make products uncompetitive on the domestic market; have any disadvantages of competition with foreign competitor; However, governments insist that they work in the public interest from firm’s resisting regulations. Thus, protective regulatory policy could be most contentious, and state need to put in position of broker for controlling between public interests and business interests.

Significance of concepts

  • Incrementalism

Incrementalism is type of significance pattern for alternative of society’s problems or issues. Therefore, if government have any feedback from incrementalism, the accident did not make many victims. Also, some people and families assert a special law of Sewol which is for prevent man-made disaster, like feedback, However, government ignored their opinions and still do not make alternative for weak point of policies even incrementalism’s feedback can prevent another tragedies if government accept their opinion and find how to fix weak points. Thus, Korea usually figure out some problems with feedbacks which were from historical experience and it supplemented weak point of policy, but the present government is busy day and night how to ignore improvement point. So government need to edit the present policy of safety and administration of facility with incrementalism for future.

  • Competitive Regulatory Policy

Most companies always compete each other, and then few companies can take their seat on the market, such as the aviation industry, mobil telecommunication industry, and television frequency, with some regulations. In case study, Cheonghaejin also competed at the vessel industry for gaining sightseeing business, but government did not concern Cheonghaejin was good company. It means that competitive regulatory policy is important that sort out good company with regulatory policy, but government were supposed to do a searching investigation. Thus, it was a big mistake because government’s little investigation made a major catastrophe.

  • Protective Regulatory Policy

Protective regulatory policy is too important because this type of policy can protect public interest from any dangers directly or indirectly. However, in fact that Cheonghaejin resist protective regulatory policy because they did not follow government’s safety rules of vessel industry for profit and government did not check the poor firm. Thus, the firm could offer sightseeing business with old vessel to people for cheap price, but government policy lay itself open to attack and Cheonghaejin’s abuse made public hazards. If both of them follow strong protective regulatory policy, it can protect lots of victims with little tries.


Sewol ferry accident is not natural disaster because government and other departments can prevent it if they improve their regulatory policies. So it will be called “Man-made disaster” forever in Korean history because Cheonghaejin have never managed their facilities installation with some regulatory policies, competitive and protective regulatory policies, until now. The biggest problem is that Korea government does not improve the policies’ problems and figure out how to prevent next disasters. Recently, sink halls were issued in Korea because it also should be that businesses resist their law and government did not investigate what was problem. It could be that their incrementalism was empty. Thus, Society always need strong regulatory policies, competitive and protective regulatory policy, and prevent another hazards with incrementalism because business and some parts of government resist their law until now.

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