Describe the steps taken by the company to revitalize U.S. soup sales in recent years.

A case analysis write-up should be a three-page, double space, type-written, 12pts font that addresses predetermined questions.
The criteria for grading individual written case analyses include:
 Ability to identify and describe critical problems/issues
 Depth of thoughts in addressing each one of the assigned questions.
 Use of appropriate theoretical knowledge to disentangle the issues being presented.
 Presenting realistic, workable, well-supported conclusions.
 Use of good communication skills.
 Evidence of adequate preparation and display of professional attitude and approach.

Describe the steps taken by the company to revitalize U.S. soup sales in recent years. Is the strategy effective? As the domestic segment continues to experience sluggish results in Campbell’s core product category, what additional measures are planned?
Do you share the capital market’s concerns about the company’s decision to replace. Conant with insider Morrison? Why or why not? Considering that the decision has already been made, can you make any recommendations to improve the likelihood of her success in the new role?

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