Explain,why do we review empirical articles?

Social psychology is an empirical science, and one of the most important skills you can learn as a psychologist is how to read and critique primary research articles. This is how information is passed to others, advancing the science. It is also useful and important to know how to critique research studies, so that when you see summaries of these types of reports in the media, you should be able to ask intelligent questions about the researchers methods and conclusionsthis makes you a good consumer of information and allows you to draw your own conclusions instead of relying on others. In essence, you should learn to think critically about psychological research and this assignment is designed to expose you to recent primary articles in social psychology and give you practice in critiquing empirical articles.
Why do we review empirical articles? Understanding how to read about methods and data from a primary source will allow to you think critically about information you read from other sources. In addition, these assignments will help you to apply your knowledge of research methods to studies in social psychology and enhance your critical thinking skills.
Select an article to read out of the three choices posted on Blackboard and write a paper summarizing and critiquing the paper. There is no need to do outside research on these topics you can use your notes/textbooks from class to help you critique the article.
Your grade will reflect both the content of your paper (the extent to which you provided an accurate summary, thoughtful critique, and solid ideas for future research) and the extent to which you communicate your ideas clearly (clarity in writing, correct grammar and spelling, and organization, etc.). Use APA style when appropriate (i.e., when citing sources). The paper should be typed double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins on all sides.

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