Explain,what are symbolic meanings of food within this culture?

PART II:     Individual RESEARCH PAPER (“Food and Culture in California”) Evaluation Form


Name:  _________________________________________   Culture: ________________________

PurposeTo learn about a specific culture (other than your own) in terms of the development of the State of California and the history of their food products, techniques, and customs.


Process:  The class will be divided into 18 groups consisting of 7-8 members. (SEE:  Exhibit A) 

Each group will research either the historical heritage of cultural foods (from an assigned culture in California) or a California based food-related industrySee Exhibit A for list of cultures and industries.


If you have been assigned to the group researching the heritage of cultural foods, within the cultural group you have been assigned, research and answer each question in detail:


____     When did this ethnic group immigrate to California?

____Why did they immigrate?

____Where did they settle and why?

____     What foods are indicative of the culture?

____What food items are needed to make a meal?

____     How many meals does this culture eat?

____Who usually shares the meals?

____Who prepares the meals?

____     What are the major holidays celebrated within this culture?

____What foods are served?

____ What are symbolic meanings of food within this culture?

____     Identify traditional (and modern) therapies involving food, herbs, and/or vitamins and minerals used within the culture.


Data to be collected:  Specifically address each item listed above in detail.


Written Page/Length Requirement:  Phase IIMinimum of 5 (five) double-spaced pages 12 pt times new roman per person


Worth: 100 points, Weight = 30%


Written Report Evaluation:  includes the following:

  1. Organization of material – neatness and order of presentation (10 points) ____ out of 10
  2. English writing skills – includes grammar and sentence structure (30 points) ____ out of 30
  3. Content – all information required must be provided. (60 points) ____ out of 60

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