Explain,should profits be the main determining factor in the making of business decisions?

Project proposals: What “Controversial modern-day issue in business ethics” will you study in depth?

I would like to study the issue of automation which involves replacing human workers in the manufacturing industry. Since the advent of manufacturing robots, more and more companies have opted to lay off their workers and replace them with robots because they are cheaper for the company. This has resulted in the disappearance of manufacturing jobs which accounted for the livelihood of so many people. Though the use of robots is more productive and cheaper for the company, it raises an important ethical question, “should profits be the main determining factor in the making of business decisions?” I would also like to compare the benefits of using robots against the cost of laying off workers. Lastly, I would like to understand if there are any other determining reasons that play a part in the making of these decisions as well as the impact it has on the community.

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