Explain,how shadowing a physician changed me or changed my outlook on medicine as a career.

DON”T write intro/conclusion – Just an essay about this these three examples.

Example 1: I shadowed a chaplain priest at a Hospital who consoled a dying patient in his last moments (sad moment — make it powerful). I was their with 5 of his family members 30 minutes before they were going to remove his ventilator. Idea is how has this experience changed you or affected you.

Example 2: I volunteered for a community health fair that discussed women’s/men’s health, HIV, dental, Obesity. I found out that a lot of these people that went to this fair really had very limited knowledge about these subjects. It made me think that for a possible future career in medicine, it is important to educate the community about these common ailments, b/c the community lacks the knowledge. For example, the people didn’t know anything about when to go to the doctor and also had no idea how to eat a proper diet.

Example 3: How shadowing a physician changed me or changed my outlook on medicine as a career. I shadowed an ER physician and saw how the level of care the doctor provided to every patient. She treated homeless patients with the same level of compassion. I guess you could write about witnessing the doctor care for the patient on a deep level influenced me to do the same in the future (potentially).

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