Explain,how could the IHR strategies be used to facilitate the entry strategies?

Title Page – report title, module information (module code and name), personal information (student name and student number for all of you).  No need to write word count

  • Have a good title – your report title should tell the reader what the report is about, it needs to be clear, short, and focused. Preferable, it is also interesting and attractive
  • Have a nice design – neat, smart, attractive (be careful of using colours, better not to use “red” unless it is very necessary)

Abstract or Executive Summary – use one word. Briefly summarize the purpose of the report, the research process and the main findings and recommendations (if any), write it after you finish the whole report. Consider including brief answers to the following questions.

  1. What did you do in this research?
  2. Why did you it (the value of this research)?
  3. How did you do it (briefly explain the process and the methods you used)?
  4. what are the key findings and conclusion?

Hint: abstract or executive summary should be brief, clear and focused. It should only include the key points. If your readers want to know the details of your report, they should go to read the main content.

Table of Contents – present the headings and subheadings and page number of each heading and subheadings. You may use Microsoft Word – References – Table of Contents function. It creates a table of contents automatically. On “Home” of Microsoft word, you choose different format for each layer of headings. For example

Chapter 1 (use Heading 1)
1.1 (use Heading 2)

1.1.1 (use Heading 3)

Chapter 2 (use Heading 1)

2.1 (use Heading 2)

Chapter 3 (use Heading 1)

Insert page number

Then go to References-Table of Contents, click one of the “Automatic Table”, you will have a table of contents created. You can update it at any time after making changes to your report. You can also use different font and size for different layer of headings but for the same lay of headings, the font and size should be the same.

Chapter 1: Introduction

The first chapter is intended to set the stage and to serve as the basis of the entire research project. You should include all key information which will be presented later to the reader. Specifically, think of writing about the following:

  • Background of the research – why is this a valuable topic?
  • Introduction to your report – what is it about?

Note: You might also address some of the above issues in later chapters. Hence, please remember that this is an introduction and should be treated as such, meaning that the level of detail should not be excessive. This chapter needs to be concise.

Chapter 2: Studies of the strategies

This chapter must include

  • Entry strategies – identify the entry strategies commonly used by international companies to explore new international market. For each strategy, give definition; evaluate the pros and the cons of it; analyze the conditions of application; evaluate the findings/arguments made by various researchers; use examples to support your discussions. Ideally, you could compare a successful case and an unsuccessful case. Do this for all the entry strategies you identified (suggestions, 3 general strategies only).
  • International human resource strategies – identify and evaluate the key HR strategies being used by international companies to recruit for its foreign subsidiaries.
  • Link point 1 and 2, argue, how could the IHR strategies be used to facilitate the entry strategies? Use real cases to demonstrate your idea.

Chapter 3: Conclusion and Recommendations

Conclude the chapter and make recommendations to international companies.


  1. Create a title page
  2. Write an abstract/executive summary
  3. Create a table of contents (use Word function)
  4. Please include page numbers and cite all references properly, and once more, ensure that you are fully complying with the Harvard Referencing System.
  5. Length Requirement: Approximately 6,000 words (exclusive of the reference list and the appendix (if any))
  6. References – use at least 25 references, most of them should be academic journal papers.
  7. Easy to read font, for example, font size 12 (either Arial or Times New Roman or other popular fonts are preferred)

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