Explain how population growth affects development.

Explain the relations of development with the subheadings, answers doesn’t have to be essay form but answers should be separated in each numbered subheading
1)Population and development
-The classic stages of the demographic transition and their applicability to current population trends in the Global South
-Causes of the population explosion (such as medical developments, industrialization)
– What are Future demographic scenarios
-How population growth affects development
what happens when its too fast
what happens when its too slow
How development affects population in short and long term?
Short term:
Long term: (ex: development will limit population growth l since adults will not need their kids for labor and economic source)

2)International migration

Ernest Ravensteins Laws of Migration and their relevance today
-Migration is governed by a push/pull process.
-The volume of migration decreases as distance increases.
-Migration occurs in stages rather than in one big move.
-Gender, age and social class influence a persons ability to migrate.

Trends in migration
Blurring of the distinction between origin, transit and destination
International migration and development:
Brain drain

3)Environment and development

Expleain Pessimists’ view:
Limits to Growth
Environmental externalities of development
Race to the bottom in environmental standards; pollution havens

Explain Optimists’ view
-The Environmental Kuznets Curve
-criticism : environmental damage moves countries with development,
Market- based solutions to environmental problems

Global environmental
North v. South
Divisions within the South
Common environmental challenges in the South

4)Development and Culture

Social evolution: Spencer, Durkheim
Weber: Protestantism as the origin of capitalism
Contemporary accounts- cultural explanations of development as dependent on religion and culture
Critique of culturalist theories- essentialism, no explanation of chronology, neglect of other factors

Contemporary trends:

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