Discuss,how might you try to resolve certain conflicts; or would you think they were not resolvable?

The course is American history: Homes and Houses. these are the instructions of the professor.
Write a reflective paper on the theme presented below. By reflective paper I mean something other than a mere summary of the facts involved with the themes described below. I want you to interact and react to the situations Kidder describes–put yourself into the picture. How would you feel? Who would you sympathize with? Who would you like? How might you try to resolve certain conflicts; or would you think they were not resolvable?

Theme: The Perfect House: Jonathan, Judith, Careers and Gender.

Thinking about the style, plans, and book illustrations in House Reflect on what the house tells us about Jonathan and Judith, and to the degree appropriate, Bill Rawn. Think about the rooms, and their relationships to each other. How does the plan reflect gender? and expectation of male and female roles at the time the house was built? Remember that both Jonathan and Judith are educated professionals. You’ll want to think about child rearing, and the placement of bedrooms, among other things.

PLEASE use this book: **Kidder, Tracy: House Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1985** to write the paper.

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