Discuss different forms of energy transfer from a hot area to a colder one.

Extra credit    

  1. What would you do if an experiment on fertilizers shows no effect on plant growth but your sample size was small? Would you do a larger experiment or would you stay with the results you got? Argue for your reply.
  1. Why is it not likely that Bigfoot exists? Which lines of lacking evidence do we have?
  1. Discuss different forms of energy transfer from a hot area to a colder one. Which one can take place also in vacuum? Describe also how a hot air balloon works.
  1. What is specific heat and how does it affect the energy needed to heat up an object? Can an understanding of specific heat help us understand why the sea heats up more slowly than the land in early summer?
  1. What is the heat death of the universe? Start by discussing what coherent and incoherent energy and entropy are.
  1. Describe the experiment on passing light through two slices of crystal and examining the effect of turning the 2nd slice on whether or not light came out on the other side. What could be concluded re. the nature of light as a waveform from this experiment? What is polarized light?
  1. What is a natural decay series and why do they occur? Why does the half-life of a radioactive isotope affect the useful dating range, i.e. the age of rocks or fossils for which it can be used as a means of dating.
  1. What is blackbody radiation and how can we understand the different colors of light that are emitted at different temperatures. Start by describing the circumstances under which light is emitted.

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