Explain,what was the architect trying to achieve architecturally, with the site, with the materials……?

section and interior 3d views will give the reader as full a picture as possible without actually being there. This is why we train for so long. Architecture is in paper form before it becomes solid.
You are to use the following web links to complete this task:

Windward House

https://luumblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/windward-house-by-alison-brooks- architects/
Using your sketchbook (and the skills you are learning in studio) you are to carefully and thoughtfully sketch the following:
Parti diagram
o considering the new and old
Site Plan
o from walking around the site o think about the roof types.
Set of sketch plans o approx 1:100 2 x sketch sections
o through the entire building
o 1 through new and old (long) + 1 through new (short) o Look at relationship of heights of floors
o approx 1:100
2 x threshold details
o Door or/and window
o Look at relationship with materials inside and out
o Please annotate the materials.
1 x plan detail
o showing how the old has been joined with the new (it will be
o Please annotate the materials.
Design Statement
o what was the architect trying to achieve architecturally, with
the site, with the materials……?
You are now an architectural journalist……..
Scan the work from your sketchbook and using Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, or Photoshop re-present on plain white paper in the style of a magazine article (Architects Journal, Architecture Today etc.) This will require you to design your sheet(s).
Please include titles, photos and captions to support your sketches (for example Sketch GF Plan_NTS).
You are free to choose A4 or A3 sized paper in portrait format.

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