Write an essay explaining the challenges associated with a national health insurance system.

Project description
Module 5 – SLP Health Care Reform

For the final component of the SLP please write an essay explaining the challenges associated with a national health insurance system. This is a three-part assignment:
a.Describe one advantage and
b.One disadvantage of the national health insurance system (separate from the case assignment).
c.Using information from scholarly articles, analyze and discuss why is it difficult to control health care costs under a national health insurance system?


Module 5 – Background

Health Care Reform

Reading the following materials will allow you to identify the issues associated with health care reform. You should have a comfortable understanding of the material before you proceed to further research and the case assignment.

Required Readings

Mezel, P. (2008, Jan/Feb.). A path to universal access. The Hastings Center Report, 38(1), 34-37.

Mirmirani, S. (2010, Jan.). Obama Health Care Reform Proposal From An International Perspective. Journal of Business & Economics Research, 8(1), 15-24.

Volpp, K.G. (2007, Dec.). Designing a model health care system. American Journal of Public Health. 97(12), 2126-2128.

Additional Readings (Optional)

Anon. (2008). Figuring out what works for US health care. The Lancet, 371(9610), 359.

DeGrazia, D. (2008, Jan.Feb.). Single payer meets managed competition: The case for public funding and private delivery. The Hastings Center Report, 38(1), 23-34.

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