Name at least two factors that increased the popularity of the London dialect of English.

After reading the text, please answer the following question separately in complete sentences. Only need to cite the page number from the text, DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES!
1.Why and when did French become the official language of England for a time, and when did English again take over as the primary language of Parliament?
2.Check out this website to answer the next few questions
Pay particular attention to the sections under Discover Domesday.
a.Look at the list of questions asked in each survey. What information was William I trying to gather?
b.Why did William I order the survey in the first place?
c.How many Anglo-Saxon Tenants in Chief (barons, bishops, or abbots) were there?
d.Why is the book called the Domesday Book?

3.What does the Domesday Book tell us about the relative status of Latin versus English?
4.How did English survive when French was the language of government and the language taught in school for over 100 years after the Norman Conquest?
5. What happens when new word arrives into the language that duplicates an English word that already exists? Give two examples that illustrate the two outcomes.
6.Explain the sources of word groups like kingly / royal / regal and rise / mount / ascend. What are the different connotations of each word in the grouping? (If you arent sure what connotation means, look it up in a dictionary.)
7.Define compounding and affixation as sources of new words.
8.Name at least two factors that increased the popularity of the London dialect of English.

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