How does wage in family, number of earners in family, marriage situation of family, child age in the family, race of family affects to consumption to food?Explain.

First of all, I need a writer who can use Stata and Econometric. Writer have to know at least how to interpret the coefficients, p values(statistical significance).
I will upload the guidelines of paper which professor gave us. The paper should be 10-15 pages. I am gonna send you data that you are gonna use in essay which will be useful for IV. part. For other parts, writer have to do some research and write about the data and model. I am gonna send you my proposal and I am gonna send you what I have done to data in Stata. In the proposal you will see quick introduction but you will need to add more to that introduction because that does not mean really anything. You will see model, variables, website for sources. Also you can find interpretations to variables. You have to use this interpretations in the IV. part. If you can figure out another variable that will be good for model in the data, feel free to use it in the model. you can use linear, logarithms, quadratics, dummy variables that affects to consumption. I will also send you sources for data. You will need it for paper. And also you will need to find at least 3 references(articles) that will be used in the paper. Article can be about how race change affect to consumption change.I will send you one which is in my proposal. Please be careful on guidelines and don’t miss out any guide on the paper.
Added on 18.04.2016 21:39
I could not upload dta file. You can go to proposal paper for data. I have made changes to data. You can see the results of coefficients in the table in proposal paper. If you need to add more variables you can use data from website.
Added on 18.04.2016 21:52
Here is most important one: Guideline
Good Luck! Let me know if you need anything.

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