Explain,how public morality and private interest intersect in deciding makes policy?

Length 6 to 7 pages (maximum) Structure: Font 12 pt Times New Roman; Margins 1″; Paragraphs double spaced Topic: Using Machiavelli, the student will write a paper examining the politics and public policy of the Bush Administration after the terrorist attacks that occurred on 9/11/01 Paper focus should included (but no limited to) the following concepts: sovereignty (who has it); the social contract; civil liberties; what government is supposed to provide and protect against and finally, how public morality and private interest intersect in deciding makes policy? 4 sources needed -textbooks plus 2 other sources. Footnotes, Bibliography (works cited, Chicago style. ! Sources:
Tony Campbell, America Today: Political Theory & Practical Politics, Preliminary or 1st edition (Cognella Academic Publishing), 2014-15.

Tannenbaum and Schultz, Inventors of Ideas: An Introduction to Western Political
​Philosophy, 2nd edition (Thomson/Wadsworth, 2004).
and two other sources.

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