Explain the attempts made by the state to promote more sustainable forms of mass.

how would you evaluate the attempts made by the state to promote more sustainable forms of mass

t is Experiential learning narrative

*Two different parts

Part 1
: a 1,500 word analysis of the role of the state in
supporting tourism development in Mallorca which will draw on your
fieldwork data and key literature

1) Directly address you chosen title
2) Draw substantively on data you (and your group)
3) Engage with key conceptual issues
4) Draw on relevant literature
5) Present clear, concise conclusions /recommendations

For the intro make sure you include: importance of tourism to mallorca and state contribution intervention of tourism (500 words)
please add those info too what were the findings of residents ? what this means for tourism of the future to mallorca? Is the state in control of tourism or it just have control over the market?

Part 2
1,500 reflection on the deployment of the 19 methods used to collect data and any issues/challenges that were encountered whilst in the field.

1) Critically reflect on your deployment of the 3 key
methods of primary data collection (a descriptive
summary will not put you in a position to compete for a
good grade)
2) Engage with key issues / challenges you encountered
when collecting/analysing your data (including ethics
and triangulation)
3) Draw on relevant literature

Please check the resources that I upload
* use up to date articles
* make sure everything has references
* the order instruction is for part 1
*please make sure every paragraph has TITLE
* use my articles and some additional

If you need any information please contact me


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