Discuss,what kind of competitive dynamics might you expect from Hyundai and other automakers?

With an objective to sell more cars for less than the competition, consumers are flocking to Hyundai dealerships, causing the firm to recently experience an increase in its sales volume in the U.S. market. Auto executives both inside and outside the company recognize Hyundais ability and desire to domunate the market through top-level quality. Durability, as evidenced by longer warranties and greater consumer awareness through major advertising, is foundational to Hyundais strong rebound.
Be prepared to discuss the following concepts an questions:
1.How would you describe Hyundais competitive behavior?
2.What kind of competitive dynamics might you expect from Hyundai and other automakers?
3.Is Hyundai involved in multimarket competition? Why or why not?
4.What impact will market commonality have on competitive responses in the auto industry?
5.What strategic actions and/or responses might occur as a result of your answer to question 4?
6.Can Hyundai be identified as a late mover? If so, why? If you determine that Hyundai is a late mover, what consequences should the company be aware of that result from being a late mover?

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