Discuss,how did I as a student influence the lecture and benefit from it.

This reflection should talk about; how the definition of domestic abuse has changed over the years and how this has affected the outlook on the acceptability of domestic abuse. And what things we included in domestic abuse, things like controlling that happens so often but nobody seems to speak about. And how men are victims too but sadly because of how society has made them feel so macho, they feel like they can’t speak to anyone about it or aks for help. Also talk about, how the historical perspectives of domestic violence has changed. Has society actually accepted that abusing a partner is wrong? Also, as well as this there are legal perspectives and the values and beliefs of others, how different cultures react to domestic violence. Also, how does domestic abuse have an impact on the family and those around the abuser and victim.

When writing this reflection, please use Bortons Reflection Cycle. So that is ‘explaining what happened in the lecture’ which I have just gone over above. Then explaining, what does all this imply? And how did I as a student influence the lecture and benefit from it. And then what I will do differently next time if I come across a similar situation.

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