Determine the liability of Wren Kitchens in the tort of negligence for the injuries.

Watch the following BBC Watchdog video and answer the questions below:

Wren Kitchens
Question 1

A. Consider the legal issues raised in the video and advise the affected customers of Wren Kitchens of their consumer rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 indicating whether or not the provisions of the Act can be excluded.

B. What difference, if any, would it make to your advice above if the kitchens were second hand kitchens and the customers hand received a substantial discount?

Question 2
Assuming that the customer in the video was injured when the kitchen sink and extractor fan fitted by Wren Kitchens fell, determine the liability of Wren Kitchens in the tort of negligence for the injuries.

In your answer, you should use the IRAC system and must refer to relevant case law and statutory provisions.
As stated in your module booklet, the word limit for this assessment is 1375 words. You are required to do a word count and make a note of this in the box provided. You may be penalized for not staying within the word margin

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