Define dance therapy.Explain.

The Process of Empathetic Reflection in Dance Therapy
Foundations of Dance Movement Therapy, p. 98-112

The American Dance Therapy Association has defined dance therapy as: the psycho therapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the physical and psychic integration of an individual.

The dance therapist combines the expressive and creative use of movement with the insights of psychotherapy.

As a therapist or guide we become sensitive to the other persons presence and to their reality. In dance therapy we enhance the development of kinesthetic intelligence, of sensing. It is called kinesthetic empathy and it is a cornerstone in building communication on a nonverbal level. To establish a therapeutic relationship on a movement level the dance therapist visually and kinesthetically perceives the patients movement expressions and incorporates the emotional content of the patients behavior in her own movement responses.

According to Susan Sandel, the 3 stages in the process of empathetic reflection are: (Found on p. 98-112.)

Please write a short description of each.

Information gathering


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