Compare condition of prospected democracy in Turkey and Afghanistan.Discuss.

Please use the article attach to write this paper and do not use outside source.
Compare condition of prospected democracy in Turkey and Afghanistan. Does the rule of law prevail or do the ambition hunt for their crowns? You can talk about how the leadership, election,personal freedom, long history, international and domestic factor are in (Afghanistan and Turkey). Choose from what provide with including one or two examples. Plus add citation from were you took this information

In the introduction please make the thesis clear on what you are going to talk about and give a brief history of both countries.
In the body paragraph:
please make clear statement and include example from either the article or the book that will help you to support what your saying.
In the conclusion:
Please summarize what you said, thank you!
Added on 23.04.2016 15:09
please go to
use the book Democracy Islam in Turkey and the article has Afghanistan information

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