Foreign Aid

Essay Questions: Does Foreign Aid Works?
Essay Plan:
• Introduction
– Explain briefly about the foreign aid, how it works, what does it achieves (so far)?
• Explain the main ideas of your essay – (what the essay is about, state the thesis statement / argument, etc.) draw out the themes / large conceptual issues. Strong essays get beyond the empirics of the case studies and tie them to the larger theoretical issues.
• Give explanations about countries in Africa. Choose two or three countries with high poverty rates and diseases (Since we are going to talk about two countries or two cases of study, make sure there is rationale for the case selection.Such as what theme or subthemes are you addressing and how do these cases work together?).
• Main Body Paragraphs:
1. 1st Paragraph: Talk roughly about the history of foreign aid and explain about the foreign aid in the contemporary world.
2. 2nd Paragraph Argument
– Talk about how helpful the foreign work so far, give some examples from several cases or events in Africa.
3. 3rd Paragraph
– Talk about how foreign aid is not working and does not give that much advantage for the countries in Africa. Provide some examplesfrom several cases or events. Provide a good quote relating from several cases or events.
4. Argument
– Explain whether if foreign aid works or not.
– Argument: I agree that foreign aid is a good move to help solve poverty across the world and it does work (also provide a good quote that describes your argument). However, it is not really that ‘working’ due to the endless poverty all over the world. Therefore, we shall say it does not really work. Especially Africa, no matter how hard we try to provide them with endless supports and aids, the countries stay poor and some new diseases always occur i.e. Ebola, diseases cause by hunger, etc. which means foreign aid does not really help to prevent the growth of poverty nor the health of the people.
– Come up with your own ideas.
• Conclusion

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