Explain,how have these conventions been modified?

Select a building in Nashville that imitates or makes reference to the classical past. As you discuss this particular building or monument, attempt to answer the following questions: Why is it that so many important buildings and monuments look so much like Greek or Roman temples and statues? Is there something about classicism that makes it suitable for public life? What do Greek and Roman architecture say to us in the modern or contemporary contexts?
As you compose your essay, you should also consider the questions below. Keep in mind, however, that these following questions are merely food for thought. Please do not construct your essay as a series of responses to them.
What is the function of the example you have chosen to discuss?
How have its designers adopted elements from the classical past?
What is the relationship (or lack thereof) between the example you’ve chosen and the conventions of classical architecture or sculpture in antiquity?
How have these conventions been modified?
How does the classical past serve the present context?
What is the meaning and purpose of classicism in this situation?
Are they consistent with the aims described by Harrison, Zerner, and others?
Does it address other ends? If so, what are they?
Does this building or monument reply on classicism for political ends? Does it do so out of cultural traditionalism? Does it pursue consumer spectacle? Does it seek the authority of classical culture for the sake of institutional prestige?
In the course of your essay, compare your chosen work with an unclassical building or sculpture such as the Downtown Presbyterian Church (the Egyptian revival building), Christ Church Cathedral, The Billy Graham Statue, or another example of a building or monument that varies from the classical past. Does this other style of building or monument-making conjure different meanings than the classical one?

Sources must be from reference books, articles from a database, as well as journals or magazines.

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