Explain,how does the work resist and decolonize?

For the creative paper, students will provide a colonial analysis of one (1) of the following works by an Indigenous artist or a group of artists: an image; a performance/ work represented in social media (youtube video, website, or another electronic resource); a literary work, such as a poem or short story; a performance (theater, dance, or, performance art); music (ie. Indigenous hip hop or pow wow music) that is NOT covered in this class. Please consider the following questions as part of your analysis: How does the contemporary work respond to historical realities? How does the work represent Indigenous worldviews? How does the work engage with contemporary political, cultural, and social questions and conflicts? What themes are present in the work? How does the work resist and decolonize? As part of this analysis, students will: make connections between the art form and Tuhiwai-Smith’s theoretical assertions, which were discussed at the beginning of the course; provide an interrogation of the art form that makes connections with themes identified throughout the course; address, specifically, colonialism and the artist’s response to colonial forces; identify how the work decolonizes (restores, revitalizes, reclaims, and asserts autonomy); Note: For this assignment, students are not restricted to the work of Canadian artists. Students are encouraged to conduct independent research on work by an Indigenous artist from one of the following countries: Canada, the United States, Australia, or New Zealand. MLA or Chicago reference style is acceptable. Please see the course rubric for a break-down of marking. Draw upon the language introduced and used throughout the course to inform your analysis

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