Review on All The Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer

Paper instructions:
Your task is to write a formal book review of All the Shah’s Men. As a reviewer, you must assume that your intended audience is unfamiliar with the time and place in which Kinzer’s story develops. You should therefore familiarize the reader with these aspects of the book. You should also…

1) Explain the author’s intentions in writing this story about a seemingly obscure event that occurred more than 50 years ago in Iran.

2) Explain how and why the central event in the story – the rise and fall of the Mossadegh government – was related to a) the rise of Third World nationalism and b) the Cold War and its effects on US foreign policy.

Particularly strong papers will be able to relate these events in Iran to similar developments in other regions of the world that we have discussed previously in class.
Some topics discussed in class:
Dictators and dirty wars in latin america
containing communism in east asia
chinese revolution
world war 2 and orgins of cold war

All papers must be no less than four and no more than five double-spaced, typed and stapled pages in length. Your answer to these issues should be based strictly upon the assigned reading. You do not need footnotes, but should cite the source and page number (for example, Kinzer, p.45). Place such citations at the end of the sentence. Do not forget the class policy regarding late papers and the university’s policy regarding plagiarism, both of which are outlined in the syllabus.

Papers will be graded for 1) effective use of evidence from the book, 2) well-organized writing (all essays must include titles, introductions, topic sentences, and conclusions), 3) correct spelling and grammar. Remember that the assignment is to write a review essay, meaning a creative, thought-provoking analysis that addresses the issues above in any order or way that you please.


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