Human Resource Management

Project description
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Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module:


You have been asked to produce a REPORT to your line manager.

The work you are doing is competent, though you have recently failed to pass at the level you expected. you have asked to your training manager to review the training methods used to deliver training as you felt it was unsuitable for you. The specific content of your report is listed below.

Description of Assessment Requirements:

The report should be based on the following outline;

1.) Executive Summary: A statement of what you were asked to review and the key aspect of what you would recommend (10 marks and 150 words)

2.) Introduction: A statement of objectives (what you propose to do) with a statement of what is not included. (15 marks and 225 words)

3.) Main Body: (each with 15 marks and 350 words)

– Who is responsible for choosing the training method used to deliver training?
– How could the training be delivered to meet the individual needs of the trainee?
– will the identification of training needs help or hinder the evaluation of training?

4.) Summary/Conclusions: What did you find, these should be related specifically to your objectives. (15 marks and 300 words)

5.) Recommendations: What would you advise your employers to implement? (10 marks and 150 words)

A further 5 marks are awarded for Structural, Construction and Referencing demonstrations.

Word Limit: 2000 words ABSOLUTE maximum.

Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:

– Understainding the impact of personnel, structural and cultural strategies on organisational performance.
– Utilise Internet Technology to conduct research on Human Resource topics.


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