FENCES Paper instructions:

P2 QLA DRAMA is for part two where you have to answer ONE element with FIVE paragraphs. at least 5 sentences in the paragraph

FENCES-1 is the actual play that you will talk about

research worksheet is for PART 3

Part # 2 Questions for Literary Analysis 3-5 pages

Answer five questions minimum in complete paragraphs and sentences for the Element you have chosen for your research topic. Open the Research Essay: [Wilson] Fences Folder.

Part #3 Literary Analysis 3-5 PAGES
Analyze the story, poem or play you have chosen using one or more of the literary elements for that genre and the theme you selected from Appendix C (see Research Paper Worksheet). Try to focus on one element and the theme of your selection that are consistent with the critical approach you have chosen (i.e.: using a psychological approach would likely require a character analysis). Do not use outside sources of literary criticism. You should be able to complete an analysis by asking and answering a series of questions probing the chosen element and theme of your story, poem, or play. Support your main idea (thesis of literary analysis) by using plenty of references (quotes, paraphrases, summaries) from the text.

Part #4 Final Draft 5-7 pages
Using Parts 1 – 3, write a polished final draft of your research paper. Your introduction and conclusion should be taken from phase #1 and the thesis and body portions of your paper should be a combination of your literary analysis in Part #3 and your outside sources in your Working Bibliography


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