Engineering and Construction

Load Calculations Questions

Steel Bulgl‘ggrézao: tabulations.
p”? diniensions, main :3 10° 98f; Roof DL I 42 psf; Column weights are 30
22m loads given on plazaanl‘ozrgdfitl’iummyom’ floor ‘0 floor heights “d
ce . no
Ssary ‘Nformatlon is on the plans. arrow Concrete Building. All
COMplete the following:
1- Calculat
base of citric Dead Load (DL), Live Load (LL). and Total Load (TL) at the
for the fin lunims A through M for the steel building. Include the LUTL ratio
th rou h at s zing .of foundations to develop consistent DL stresses
2 Cal D ou the budding foundations. Due on Oct. 6th: Column A,B,D,E.F
CU “ate the MWFRS horizontal wind load (plf) on the second floor and
3 2°“ diaphragm when wind is blowing in the east-west direction.

alculate the MWFRS horizontal wind load (plf) on all floor diaphragms for
the 8 story concrete building when wind is blowing in the north-south

4. Design the typical floor slab of the concrete building to support the design
loads given. Use ACI 318 to support your assumptions and calculations.
5. Design the concrete beams (1 2” wide x16” deep) at typical floors of the
concrete building. Due on Oct. 6‘”: Beams B-2,B-4, 8-6
6. Calculate the wind uplift pressures on the roof of the steel building using
ASCE 7-1 0. Provide a diagram and table for the different wind zones on
the roof.
7. Design secondary beams (beam 6) and all other steel beams marked for
the steel building second floor and roof. Due on Oct. 6″: Beams 1 ,2,3,4
8. Design X-bracing or moment frames required in the stgel’b’lgggiggggar‘gfm
the lateral loads calculated in #2 above. flaunt it 2. w“ 2” m = 553?…
9. Design the shearwalls for the concrete building to resist the lateral loads
calculated in #3 above. 6″” ” 3* t edi #1
1 0. Design spread footings supporting the columns designs n.
above in the steel building, and for all columns I” the concrete building.
Due on Oct. 6‘”: Foundations under the columns due on Oct. 6th


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