Explain on how to improve for each part.

Chinese New year event evaluation poster:
You are to use the Balanced score card(developed by Kaplan and Norton) as a framework to evaluate your event. Your evaluation should be from an objective and managerial perspective and should identify ways to improve performance/lesson learnt. Data generated should be use as an evidence base as should range of appropriate conceptual framework.
1: Event (strategy): talking about the event that arranging 5 activities which is Chinese Calligraphy, Dumpling Making, Talent show, Tea Tasting and Mahjong, to celebrity Chinese new year and let students more understand Chinese culture
2: Customers perspective :should talking about:1 there are more than 92 people attended the events which is more than we predicted that the number should be around 50, 2: how you work with clients, for example set meeting and give the event planning to approach the finance support from Andrew.3:Customers relationship (Frame work: 5 GAP models). customer engagement was great
3:Process (Operation): talking about display ( one section for each activity). Technology, and Management
4: Human Resource: staff 3 main members, around 5 volunteers, mention however the volunteers were enough; Management
5 Finance (Productivity) Quality: the budget we had was enough for the event, etc..(more academic theory I guess.
Improve: How to improve for each part, maybe could talk about that from the event feed back there weren’t enough activites, ect
Self Develop: That myself need to be more organised and i do like organise the event.

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