Contemporary issues in travel and tourism

Project description
Asssignment context and the Scenario:
for TASKS 1 and 2 of this assignment, you are required select tourism destination outside European Union, and thoroughly investigate the tourism environment and examine the currently developing issues such as terrorism and security, health and safety concerns, or negative social/cultural impacts. Identify the emerging trends in terms of tourism products and attractions offered and type and the number of visitors arriving over a period of time.
HINT: choose a destination like Egypt, India, Brazil or Costa Rica. Investigate (collect information and relevant data) using published sources and Internet about the tourism environment in the selected destination, including the nature and type od tourist activities, visitor numbers and trends, visitor profile and the social and cultural environment etc. Summary of these notes should be attatched as an appendix.

Related to task 3 and 4: tasks 3 and 4 requires to select a travel and tourism firm or organisation involved in the production and delivery of services such as passenger transport or tour operations (packaging and marketing tours and holidays) and carry out a thorough investigation on its operation.
Hint: Choose an airline company operating in the UK or a major such as Thompsons and research their operations.
You would require gathering info on customer profile, organisational goals and strategies, scale of operation and number of destinations served as well as the changes in their product portfolio and recent strategies.
Avoid using cut and paste materials whem writing and completeng assignment. Any scenario related materials should be attached in the appendix. The tasks in this assignment are all based on the scenario provided above but your discussion should be supported by relevant theories and concepts.
TASK 1: Based on your investigation of the selected tourist destination, IDENTIFY and DISCUSS TWO CURRENT ISSES (refer to the hint above) and the CAUSES, and analyse to determine to what extent they are driving the change.
TASK 2: Analyse the emerging trends (using appropriate techniques and tools) in terms of product service offerings such as attractions and accomodations in your selected destination as well as type of visitors and their numbers OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS. Now evaluate and discuss how these trends influence change.
TASK 3:Using the selected travel and tourism organisation as an example, analyse and discuss how the firm has responded to the emerging trends in the terms of travel and tourism product demanded and the changing pattern of customer requirements. Justify and discuss the responses (strategies) AND CRITICALLY COMPARE WITH ANOTHER FIRM.
TASK 4: Discuss how effective were the responses and analyse the impacts on the travel and tourism organisation chosen. Critically analyse the consequences of firms failing to response to the changing needs.


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