Explain,what are the differences between brown and white adipose tissues?

Each student will respond to three questions. Each response will be 200-350 words, double-spaced with appropriate grammar.
1)As part of Figure 5 (parts E & F), the authors used a CRE recombinase system to express diphtheria toxin receptor (DTR) then injected diphtheria toxin. How would this receptor/ligand combo (and its signaling) inhibit leptin-mediated lipolysis?

2)Overall, the study concludes that lipolysis of WAT can be mediated by leptin signaling via sympathetic nerves utilizing catecholamines. Discuss at least 3 global conclusions and future applications (related to conclusions from this study) to the treatment of obesity in humans.

3)What are the differences between brown and white adipose tissues? How does leptin affect each of them? How would liposuction of BAT, WAT, or both affect the body (short and long term)?

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