J Groups: Group Discussion

Task: prepare notes for and participate in a group discussion on the topic below.

A government agency in a developing country is trying to enhance the country’s transport infrastructure.

In order to do this, which is themost important factor to be considered ?

Environmental (PM Only)

Remember to:
● Give evidence to support your point of view.
● Submit a list of references.

Important information
● Number of students in the discussion will be between 3-5
● Discussion length 15-25 minutes (without help from your tutor)
● You may have notes with you during the discussion, but you should not read directly from them
● You may prepare a handout with graphics to show to your group, but you are not required to do so.
● You do not have to reach a group agreement at the end of the discussion, but you should listen and respond to other students’ point of view.

What you will be assessed on:
Your ability to participate in a formal discussion, which involves:
● ability to contribute ideas relevant to the topic
● ability to express your opinions and support them with academic evidence
● ability to interact with other group members (including evidence of listening to the opinions of the other students and responding accordingly)
● ability to develop your ideas/arguments and support them with examples and data from academic sources
● ability to take equal turns and use turn-taking language

Further guidelines:
● Each group member will be assessed individually.
● You will lose marks if you dominate the discussion without attempting to involve the other participants; you should try to take equal turns.
● You may lose marksif your group fails to continue the discussion for the specified time.


Practice Discussion Deadline: Week 9, (w/c 14/3)
Lesson 1and 2
Notes for the discussion Deadline: Week 10 (w/c 21/3) lesson 1
Final Discussion Deadline: Week 10 (w/c 21/3)
lesson 1 and 2


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