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1. Below is a conversation between a female aphasic patient and a clinician, taken from

Characterise the language of the aphasic patient in terms of word classes, morpheme use, sentence length, as well as errors. Discuss with relevance to the literature what type of aphasia is involved in this case.

EXA: when did you get back from your ct scan?

*CLI: oh I forget .

*CLI: it was (right) right.

*CLI: (when I see y) when I see you.

*CLI: no, remember .

*CLI: (we s) about an (ah) about.

*EXA: an hour?

*CLI: uhhuh .

*EXA: ok, because you know what happened see, it was about five after

eleven when we got up here, carol and I got up here.

*CLI: uhhuh.

*EXA: and you were just on your way.

*CLI: uhhuh .

*EXA: and about a quarter of twelve I called up here to see whether you had returned yet and

they said, no.

*EXA: so we probably just missed you.

*CLI: mhm.

*EXA: did you get back here in time for lunch?

*CLI: uhhuh.

*EXA: um what’s what are the doctors saying?

*EXA: what’s next ?

*CLI: (i rer) I don’t know.

*CLI: (i think I get) I’m think I’m get a test tomorrow.

*CLI: (i’m not) I’m not sure .

*EXA: but they don’t know what.

*CLI: no, uhuh.

*EXA: I understand you’re gonna get some more speech therapy too.

*EXA: is that true?

*CLI: who?

*EXA: you?

*CLI: where?

*EXA: starting tomorrow?

*EXA: here?

*CLI: I didn’t (hear) hear about it .

*EXA: (um) because (we called) or I called this morning to let the people know that (you

know) as long as you were hanging around here that you might as well get as much

therapy as you could get.

*CLI: yeah.

2. Below is a transcript from a 5-year-old child (ESRC data, Reading University).

Characterise the language of the child in terms of word classes, morpheme use,

sentence length, as well as errors. Discuss with reference to relevant literature

whether the child’s language is typical for a 5-year-old.

*CHI: I fell over.

*INV: tell me about it.

*INV: where did you fall over?

*CHI: (um um um) the ground.

*INV: did you?

*INV: was that at home, or was it here, at school?

*CHI: no.

*INV: ooh.

*CHI: at home.

*INV: it was at home?

*INV: was it in the house?

*CHI: outside.

*INV: outside?

*CHI: uhhuh.

*CHI: bleed-ed.

*INV: ooh, yes, it looks as though it was a nasty little scratch.

*INV: how did you do that?

*INV: were you playing?

*CHI: yes, playing football.

*INV: ah.

*CHI: I bleed-ed.

*INV: did it bleed a lot?

*CHI: (my) my big brother.

*INV: did your big brother push you over?

Child shakes head.

*CHI: ball.

*INV: the ball did, did it?

*CHI: made me (bump bump bump bump bump bump) bump.

*INV: do you like football?

Child nods head.

*INV: I do, too.

*INV: I play football with my brothers, but not with this skirt on!

*INV: do you play with both you brothers at home?

*CHI: my two brothers.

*INV: two brothers.

*INV: are they bigger than you, or are they smaller?

*CHI: big.

*INV: they’re big, are they?

*INV: do they go to this school, too?

*CHI: it is a different school.

*INV: a different school?

*INV: they must be a bit bigger then.

*CHI: they in here.

The essay should be about 1500 words long and should contain a review of the relevant literature as well as a more detailed analysis of the data given.

For the literature review, see the references on aphasia and child language given at the end.

The specific criteria against which your essay is marked are available on studynet and include
Literature Review and discussion

Data Analysis

Language and Referencing

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